What is Sculptra and what is it for?


Approved by the FDA for facial volume deficiency and wrinkles, Sculptra is a unique, on-of-a kind injectable product which stimulates natural collagen production. When prepared for injection, Sculptra is a bio-degradable highly diluted mixture of powdered poly-l-lactic acid - the same material as dissolvable sutures - and sterile water.


Injected into the skin, the response by the body is collagen stimulation. The final effect is a restoration of lost facial volume due to aging or a supplementation of genetic volume deficiency. The "side effect" is a reduction of facial wrinkles and folds. Effects are proven to last at minimum two years with most patients appreciating much longer improvements as the effects are actual collagen increases and not solely product, as is the case for most other filler products which typically last 6 to 9 months.


Will I see results right away?


No. You will see a response immediately but this is temporary and an effect of the product dilutant (sterile water). Because your own collagen growth takes time, you will see instead a gradual change in the appearance of your skin and facial contour. Most patients require 2 or 3 sessions, provided over a period of months, to reach the desired improvement levels. Friends and even family will be unaware that your are undergoing a "de-aging" process, just that you look more energetic and youhtful.


Sculptra volume restoration


Through collagen stimulation is the only product that can be used in all the areas to provide an overall "lift" effect and youthful restoration of volume and proportion. Although we cannot restore inevitable bone loss, the effects can be visually reversed with selective location volume restoration.


Sculptra is ideal for:


  • Heavy nasolabial folds Sunken or hollow areas of the cheek
  • Facial Gauntness
  • Depressed Temple Areas
  • Under-eye hollowing (specialized)
  • Generalized mild to moderate sagging
  • Jowling

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