“Injectables Instead of Surgery”

The most immediate full or partial nonsurgical face lifting is accomplished with injectable products-most often Radiesse along with softer fillers such as Juvederm, Perlane or Restylane.

Of course Botox plays a substantial role in face “lifting” as it allows muscles to relax, alleviating frowns and furrows that tend to push down the brow. Botox can also reverse age related mouth frowns where the corners of the mouth begin to turn down instead of level or up.


Injectables essentially refill the deflating “balloon” that comes from age-related descent of the facial tissues and muscle. The overall lift can come from restoring height to the cheekbones, filling sunken cheek areas, filling in eye hollows, augmenting chin and lips. You can completely change the appearance of age, substituting it for one of youth and energy.


Related Wrinkle and Facial Fold Treatments


  • Restylane for lines, wrinkles and Facial folds.
  • Juvederm for wrinkles, lips, lip border.
  • Radiesse for long term nasolabial fold correction, nose reshaping and facial contouring.

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