Lipodissolve with Mesotherapy

A ‘non-surgical’ technique for fat reduction. No trip to the operating room. Zero downtime. Resume your normal activities immediately - no post-operative pain or massive bruising, no general anesthesia, no scarring on the skin or in the deeper tissues.


The newest revolutionary, doctor tested, non-surgical approach to help you look your best is now here. Lipodissolve is a safe and fast way to eliminate unwanted fat on lower eyelids, neck area, and other areas of the body containing localized fat deposits. Lipodissolve is a safe alternative to liposuction and other invasive cosmetic procedures eliminating downtime and other side effects.


Lipodissolve is suitable for men and women who are not excessively overweight, but instead have certain problem areas of fat that they just can’t get rid of with diet and exercise. We can treat certain areas of the face such as: neck, and the lower eyelids.


It has also been the answer to people who have long wanted to undergo liposuction but are too scared to undergo a surgical procedure. This is an effective means of reducing small unwanted fat collections. There is usually only mild discomfort associated with this procedure and two to four days of swelling.


A mixture of natural medications including, phosphatidylcholine (PPC) is directly injected into undesired fat deposits. The body uses the same substances in a number of chemical pathways, especially in the field of fat metabolism. The treatment then dissolves the fat cells, releasing their contents to be eliminated from the body through standard metabolic pathways.


Since 1994, Doctors in South America and Europe have successfully used this procedure on thousands of patients. Treatments differ from person to person. They usually last thirty minutes, depending on the body region, and type of fat. One to four treatments may be required in order to achieve the desired results. One treatment in small areas, such as the jaw line or small eyelid “bags” can yield beautiful results in just four to eight weeks.



Lipodissolve (lipostabil), a treatment pioneered by doctors in South America, is based on a substance made up of Soya oil and originally developed to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. In medicine it is used to fight fat globules without any adverse side effects even at as high a dose as 80ml per session. At a lower dosage, minute drops of Phosphatidylcholine - which has fat dissolving properties - are injected into the lower eyelid area, where it acts to disperse accumulated fat deposits. The result is a significant reduction of the bulge after 2 to 4 treatments.



What is Lipodissolve therapy?

Men and women are clamoring for treatment!

The cosmetic use of Lipostabil (phosphatidylcholine) originated in Italy. Its first use for such purposes was reported by an Italian physician named Sergio Maggiori, at the Fifth International Meeting of Mesotherapy in 1988, held in Paris, France. He presented his work with phosphatidylcholine in the treatment of xanthelasmas (small soft yellow fatty accumulations at the eyelids).


It took Brazilian dermatologist, Patricia Rittes, widely credited with pioneering the reincarnation of the drug in the mid 1990s as a pathway to physical perfection with her publication of the use of phosphatidylcholine to help reduce fat pads beneath the eyes.


Phosphatidylcholine has been used in European 'Mesotherapy' for the procedure of 'Lipodissolve' successfully, for the past fifteen years. Prominent fat pads under the eyes give people a permanently tired and aged appearance and until now the problem could only be treated with surgical removal (Blepharoplasty); so too are neck and double chin ungainly fat bulges, which up to now had to be surgically removed either by a face lift or by Liposuction; with their associated morbidity and mortality rates.


What Guarantee Do I Have That Lipodissolve Therapy Really And Truly Works?

There is no guarantee that any system of medicine will work in 100% of cases. The chances of success are always greater when performed by an experienced clinician and the patient follows clinicians advice precisely.


What are the important differences between Lipodissolve and Liposuction?

Conventional Liposuction

Utmost safety, no general anesthetic required.

General Anesthetic required.

Effective control of pain during and after the procedure.

Extra analgesia required after procedure.

More even pleasing contour is achieved as final adjustments can be made towards the end of the procedure.

No ability to fine tune the result during the procedure.

Minimal bleeding and bruising.

Very considerable bruising and sometimes bleeding.

Short recovery time following the procedure.

Prolonged recovery time.

Rapid return to work and normal activities.

More time off work generally required.

Tiny puncture points. No stitches.

Larger puncture points, sometimes stitches.

No hospital stay.

Hospital admission.

Substantially lower cost.

Much more expensive procedure



What are the advantages?

Among the many factors that are making lipodissolve and mesotherapy so popular are:

  • safety: there is no need for a general anesthetic

  • ease: pain is easily managed during and after the procedure

  • control: Lipodissolve can be fine tuned over the course of treatment

  • appearance: there is minimal bleeding and bruising with no sutures needed

  • speed: Lipodissolve has a relatively short recovery period, allowing a rapid

  • return to work and normal activities; no hospital stay is required

  • cost: Lipodissolve has a substantially lower cost than other methods of fat

Lipodissolve is now being used to help improve cosmetic irregularities which can occur after liposuction and it has been shown to improve the texture of the skin.


What should you do after this procedure?

No specific advice is usually given, apart from some involving your general lifestyle and dietary changes. Occasionally the nurse may recommend the use of elastic bandages in the treated area to help improve treatment results. You should, however, contact the office immediately if you notice any signs of extreme pain or excessive inflammation in the area treated.


Will the fat in the treated areas return?

No, the dissolved fat has not been reported to return. But new weight gain can build up new fat in the same areas. Exercise and diet in addition to lipo-dissolve treatment has shown extended long-term results. Lipodissolve injections are not a substitute to diet and exercise or fat loss solution for highly obese persons.


Spot Reduction

Areas suitable for treatment are:

  • Face

  • tear sacs

  • double chin

  • cheeks

Side Effects:

All patients should expect the following (usually minor) symptoms for around 72 hours following injection.

  • Reddening

  • Swelling / Bruising

  • Burning / Itching

  • Muscular aching

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